Summer holiday – giant art!

Giant owl art

Summer holiday fun – giant art!

So the summer holidays are still going and we’ve managed to avoid ‘I’m bored’ so far.

Today’s suggestion is a beauty as it’s totally free and can be done again and again. Not only that it’s not even messy!

So I’d like to claim the credit but my 5 year old came up with it on her own and the 3 year old happily joined in.

Basically, use whatever you have to hand in the back garden (or you don’t mind being in the back garden!) and your imagination and do some giant art.

Giant art

So we started with some hula hoops and some quoits hoops and then added a skipping rope and some bats…can you tell what it is yet?!

A few more bats, some balls for eyes and a shuttlecock for a nose and our owl was nearly complete!

Give it a go and see what you can make!

Giant art!


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