Summer holiday fun!

Summer holiday fun!

Painting home made blackboards

So today was the first day of our first full week of the summer holidays. My eldest has just done her first year in reception and so it feels like a long time since I’ve been able to enjoy a long stretch of time with her and her younger sister.

As with any young children I’m generally asked what are we doing today/tomorrow/now/this morning etc. many times a day.

I’m sure if you ask me in a few weeks I’ll be running low but I have a few tricks planned so far which are all low or minimal cost as with 2 (or more!) it can get pricy.

So for today’s activity we decided to do home made blackboards (ultimately to go in their playhouse). So first stop this morning was a trip to the local DIY shop and we bought some blackboard paint, two (identical sized!) bits of wood and I let them choose a paintbrush each.

When we got back I decided it was easier to let them paint on the grass as I figured it would be messy and the grass gets cut! I did cover their clothes up with some of my class tshirts as I’m not convinced how well it would wash out of clothing!

Hard at work blackboard making!

The kids loved it – my 3 year old normally bores after a short while but she covered all her board up!


As you can imagine as always they may have got a bit of paint on them but that just means they could have fun washing up (and yes if you’re wondering the puppy did get paint on him too ?)



It was a relatively nice day so the paint dried quite quickly and they even enjoyed it enough to paint all the back and do most of the second coat a while later.


We decided to stencil on their initials next so that they knew which chalkboard was which.


After that we just had to wait for it to dry before they could use their hardwork for even more creations.


Once again, perhaps unsurprisingly, they enjoyed cleaning it off as much as they did drawing on it!


All in all for less than £10 we had a fab day of our summer holidays and we made 2 great chalkboards that should give lots more fun over the coming weeks.

Let’s hope the rest of the days are as much fun!


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