Summer holiday fun – crocodile egg boxes!

Snap snap!

Summer holiday fun continued!

So I was looking after a friend’s little girl as well as my two this morning and she loves crafting so I knew she’d ask before being here very long.

Being a crafter I tend to keep things that some people might just get rid of but recycling as crafting is great fun. I knew I had a lot of egg boxes in so we decided to make crocodiles (it could easily have been dragons or something else…)

Basically I find if you mix in scissors, tape, glue and paint into any situation then children are usually pretty creative.

We started off by cutting the egg box up a bit and then retaking it so it opened like a jaw. Then we painted our crocodiles.

Snap snap!

After waiting a bit for them to dry (co-incided nicely with lunchtime) we then decorated them, adding more egg box as eyes and some googly eyes for good measure. Cutting out tongues and scales and generally personalising them.

The kids were delighted with their creations and that was three children entertained for quite a while at no cost whatsoever.

Cutting out scales!

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