Reindeer jingle bells!

Reindeer decoration

A really simple, cute and effective decoration!


What you’ll need



  • A little plant pot
  • A pipe cleaner
  • Jingle bells – more the merrier (but probably 3 or 4 maximum!)
  • Some googly eyes
  • A little Pom Pom (ideally sticky back)
  • A pen


How you make it

  1. Thread some bells on your pipe cleaner
  2. Put the pipe cleaner through the holes in the plant pot
  3. Fashion some antlers from the end of the pipe cleaners
  4. Stick the googly eyes on
  5. Stick the nose on (if you don’t have a sticky Pom Pom you can use glue or a little glue pad)
  6. Draw on some pretty eyelashes!


As we made a few of these to have as examples in class I’ve also threaded an extra bit through and hung them on the tree as a hanging decoration.


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