Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day

Sparkly heart

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day and we’re always excited to celebrate with some craft fun. Also Mother’s Day is coming up soon in March so we’ve got some great ideas that you could do for both occasions.

  1. A card

Who doesn’t love cards and, in particular, home made cards?!

All you need for this is some card and something to decorate it with. It could be pens, paints, stickers or we went with stamps and an ink pad as my kids love stamping! These Fab Four colour ink pads are from Baker Ross and make stamping much more fun and colourful.

stamping funimageimage2. A lovely coaster

We decided to use some crystals and glue them onto a coaster to make a fab gift. You could also paint it or, if you’re feeling brave(!), use some glitter! We also did a heart template to make it easier for little ones to do a heart shape on the coaster.

Heart crystals coaster

Heart crystals

3. Sparkly heart potion!

This idea is a beauty and went down very well in class. It uses a little heart bottle that you could use for sand art too but we decided to make sparkly potion!

What you need?

Sparkly heart

  • a bottle – we had heart shaped
  • cup
  • water
  • food colouring
  • glitter
  • a funnel
  • glue

How to do it?

  1. Take the lid off the bottle
  2. In the cup mix some glitter, water and food colouring to make your ‘potion’
  3. Pour it in the bottle using the funnel
  4. Put some glue on the lid of the bottle and fasten tight!
  5. Shake and enjoy.



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