Handprint on black canvas

It’s nearly Father’s Day here in the UK so we’ve got a few crafty ideas you might want to put into use.

  • A card

It’s always lovely to do a home made card, whether it’s handprints from younger kiddies or hand drawn from older ones. It shows you’ve put some time and effort into it (and entertained the kiddies too!)

  • Handprint canvases

Finger painting!

This can be as messy or as clean as you’re willing to go! We obviously chose messy and used these fab finger paint tubs from Baker Ross along with some fantastic black canvases ( which made a nice change from the usual black canvases.



  • Little keepsakes

One of my favourite wood suppliers is woodform crafts and they have some great little ideas for Fathers Day so we got some wooden coasters for Daddy and the Grandads as well as some little wooden key rings.

As always the kids loved painting them and I’m sure Daddy and Grandads will be delighted to receive them!!

Father's Day painting


  • Photo frames

Another great gift idea for Father’s Day is a photo frame. We got these fab transport themed ones from Baker Ross ( so we could decorate them with love as well as including pictures of the little cherubs!


However you celebrate Father’s Day, have a good one!

Liz x

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