Candle making – Advent Countdown December 9

Candle making

So this is a craft we tried with my brownies as part of their craft badge this week, but my 4 year old (pictured above!) was all good with it too. It can be done with younger kids too but obviously moderate their involvement – not that the brownies were near the hot wax or boiling water!


What do you need?


  • Wax – we were lucky enough to be donated some big blocks of wax but you can buy wax chips readily. Chips would be easier too as the worst bit of this process was breaking the big block into smaller bits.
  • At least 2 saucepans you don’t care about (I also used a glass Pyrex jug which is handy if your saucepan doesn’t have a pouring bit). You can possibly source these for free, I did an appeal on my local mums pages and got some great ones that people were throwing away.
  • Spoon you don’t care about
  • Oven glove
  • Wicks
  • Glue dots (or something similar) to hold the wick in place
  • Wick pins (or something similar) to keep the wick upright when you pour the wax in
  • Something to make the candle in – we went for mugs to have them as a Christmas present but you can buy votive glasses or other suitable containers
  • Multi-surface pens for decorating the container – I personally love the Giotto ones

How do you do it?image

  1. There are lots of different stages and I let the kids be involved in all apart from the melting and pouring the wax, you can do some of them first (eg decorating the cup) rather than in the order here. Firstly, put the wax bits into the pan ready for melting.
  2. Have a bigger pan half full of water and put it on the hob, place the smaller pan inside the larger one (making sure there is still water at all times) and melt the wax – note it can take a long time, especially with lots of wax!
  3. Candle makingWhilst you’re waiting for the wax to melt (obviously keeping a close eye on it) you can prepare your cup.
  4. Use the glue dot to attach to the bottom of the wick and then to the middle of the cup.
  5. Use your pens to decorate the cups – as you can see the brownies came up with some fab designs!
  6. Rest your wick holder across the top of the cup ready for the wax to be poured.
  7. Once the wax is melted prepare to pour it into the cups – be careful as the pans get very hot so you might need oven gloves. Also you might find it easier to pour it into a heat resistant jug first and then pour into the cups from there.
  8. Leave the wax to set and cool fully, overnight ideally. image image

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