Autumn fun

It’s that time of year again and we’re having some lovely weather in the U.K. but you can tell that autumn is here with the leaves falling and lots of acorns and conkers to play with. We’ve decided to pull together a few different autumn craft ideas for you to try at home, maybe over half-term. Lots of them use things you can find out and about and use it as an activity just gathering them!

Conker fun


My kids have been loving collecting conkers recently so we have loads so I thought I’d better find something for us to do with them. We started off with the ‘traditional’ conker snake.

You need something to make holes in the conkers (I used a screwdriver…don’t tell my husband!), and then something to thread through them (I used elastic). Threading is a great hand-eye co-ordination activity as well as making a cool snake. Add on some googly eyes and a tongue (we used sticky funky foam) and your work here is done!

As we had so many conkers we decided to do some other ideas too. We made spiders with some pipe cleaners and googly eyes. We made ladybirds and other insects too! It’s worth noting that conkers don’t adhere to very well as they’re a bit shiny but extra sticky double sided tape works really well!

Acorn fun

We’ve not just got horse chestnut trees near us but oak trees too so our acorn collection is growing nicely along with our conker collection!

Anyway, we thought we’d have a little play with acorns too and came out with these little people.

Acorn people

We decorated some little acorns with felt tips and then stuck them on some little leaf stickers from Baker Ross. If their little ‘hat’ has fallen off you can stick them back on with some extra sticky tape.

Autumnal trees

Another fab little activity is making autumnal trees.


First step is to draw around your hand to form the base of your tree.

We then used corks to make our leaves just to add a bit of variety into our painting but we also moved into fingerprints too!


Once we’d finished all the painting we decided to add some autumn animals and woodland stickers too. We used some fab ones from Baker Ross’ autumn collection –


Messy fun

If you’re up for it, kids always love messy play!

Autumn leaf prints

In our classes this week we’ve done some fab messy play – lots of different leaves for sponge painting fun. If you don’t have any leaf sponges you can just use the real thing! Use some lining paper and some paint in plastic plates and let them loose!!

Leaf fun!

You can also go on a leaf hunt – we did this fab autumn trail with my rainbows last week and they loved it.

We also did some leaf rubbing and made some great leaf people and creatures!

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